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Meal Ideas Inspired By Organic Vegetable CSA Delivery Boxes

If you love eating fresh, in-season produce all year around, consider signing up for a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, monthly produce box. These boxes are typically filled with in-season fruits and vegetables harvested from local farms and may include a mix of organically and conventionally grown produce. You may also be able to indicate an all-organic box if you prefer your produce to be free from pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. 

In addition to produce, CSA boxes may also feature other farm-fresh offerings, such as milk, cheese, eggs, and possibly even meat. Depending on where you live, the seasonal produce selections will vary from season to season, such as citrus in the winter and tomatoes in the summer months. 

Depending on the service in your local area, you can either pick up the farm boxes at a designated location, such as a grocery store, or have them delivered to your home for convenience. Use the monthly offering as inspiration when planning your family's meals. Local, seasonal produce is generally more flavorful and nutrient-dense than its imported counterparts and can play a key role in everything from breakfast to midnight snacks.

Here are some meal ideas inspired by CSA farm boxes to get you started:

1. Salads 

When you receive your CSA box, use the goodies inside to create a customized salad filled with a mix of produce. You can create smaller side salads with classic ingredients such as green leaf lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onions, croutons, and the dressing of your choice.

To transform the garden-fresh salad into a full lunch or dinner, simply add any type of protein to make it more filling. Options include grilled steak, chicken, or seafood such as shrimp and scallops. For the vegetarians and vegans in your family, meat-free ideas vary from grilled or fried tofu to garbanzo or black beans, depending on the type of salad you're making. 

Caprese salads, which are traditionally filled with sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves, also make gourmet side dishes or main courses. CSA produce boxes sometimes include fresh herbs, so don't forget to incorporate them into your dishes for added flavor. 

2. Pasta Dishes 

Pasta dishes, such as lasagna, stuffed manicotti, baked penne, and spaghetti, are ideal for both casual weeknight meals and fancy event dinners, and a variety of organic farm vegetables will give them both added flavor and color. 

For example, make a fresh pasta primavera using your favorite type of noodle, and a mix of colorful vegetables, such as red, yellow, and orange bell peppers, spinach, and cherry tomatoes. The ingredients will vary depending on what produce is seasonally available in your area. 

For more information about organic vegetable CSA delivery boxes, contact a local company.