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What To Expect From A Catering Company

When you hire caterers for an event, you take some of the responsibility away from yourself and allow others to help with the food. There's a lot to do when you host a party or similar event, so any task you can hand off to someone else is helpful. However, if you expect too much from the catering company, you may end up in a difficult predicament. The catering company will make the food for your event, but you can't expect much else unless you discuss it with them ahead of time. To make sure you know what to discuss with them, ask yourself the following questions:

Is the Event Formal, Casual, or Somewhere in Between?

If you're having a formal event, you might expect the catering staff to dress accordingly. You might also expect things like fancy china, silverware, etc. If your event is casual, your requirements will be completely different, so be clear with the catering company about the type of event you're having; they'll likely have experience with all kinds of different events. 

Do You Want a Buffet or Specific Meals?

There are two main styles of catering: individual meals or a shared buffet. With a buffet, the caterers will set up a large table with different food options, and your guests can fill their plates with whatever they want to eat. With individual meals, each guest will choose a specific meal to enjoy. 

Do You Want the Caterers to Set Everything Up?

Unless you specify, the caterers might just bring the food to your event, and you will be required to do the rest. If you want them to set everything up, plate the food, etc., you must tell them ahead of time. 

Who Will Serve the Food?

If you decide not to do a buffet, someone will have to serve the food to your guests. If you're willing to do it yourself or have others who will help you, you won't need anything else from the caterers. However, if you do need help, you can ask the catering company if they can provide servers for your event. 

Do You Need Anything Else?

If you need anything to make it possible to serve food at your event, you can't expect the caterers to know about it unless you ask. If you need tables, chairs, tableware, or anything else, make sure the catering company can provide them for you. You wouldn't want to get your event professionally catered only to have no tables for your guests to eat at.

Contact a local catering company to learn more.