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Reasons To Install A Drinking Water Dispenser At Any Customer-Facing Business

Did you know that providing a water dispenser for use by your customers can bring more than just health benefits? Read on to find out how.


When you place a water dispenser at your customers' disposal, you are perceived as a business that cares about the comfort and well-being of your customers. It makes you appear customer-focused and friendly.

Health Conscious

It is common knowledge that water is good for health. Providing a water dispenser for your customers shows that you are health conscious and in-touch with the latest health trends.

This perception is especially important for health-related businesses.


Your business will also be perceived as generous, one that is out to give and not just to get. Your customers may see you as trustworthy. As a result, they will be less hesitant to part with their money.

A Sense of Relaxation

If you want your customers to feel relaxed, give them water. This works well in hospitality and in all service-oriented businesses.

By providing water at your hotel reception, restaurant, or retail outlet, customers will associate your business with relaxation and may linger just a little bit longer.

Shortens Waiting Time

In this modern world, time is money. Nobody likes waiting for service. When you provide drinking water to your customers, you give them something to do as they wait. As a result, the waiting time seems shorter.


By providing drinking water to tens of people per day or hundreds to thousands per month, you are helping to save the environment from plastic pollution.

How? You are reducing the chances of them each buying a bottle of water and so reducing the amount of waste that goes into the environment.

Now That You Are Convinced, What Types of Water Should You Choose?

Bottle-fed: This is a plug and switch system that requires no plumbing. However, you'll need to replenish the supply with fresh bottles via bulk water delivery. You will also need space to store empty and filled bottles. This dispenser is best for businesses with few customers.

Mains-fed: This water dispenser is installed directly to your water supply. You will not need refills or bottles. It is ideal where you want an unlimited supply of drinking water.

Providing drinking water to your customers will affect your image positively, shorten waiting time, and save the environment. If you need a mains-fed dispenser, call a water system installation expert.