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Creating A Food Truck Concession Area At Your Festival

Food trucks give people a way to try out a lot of different types of foods, and they can also be a great way to get people interested in coming to your local community festival. If you are considering booking food trucks for your event, here are a few things to take into consideration.

Potential Income

Your food truck vendors will need to know they can make a profit at your event. There are a few ways you can work with the vendors to ensure participating is profitable for them. If you have statistics for the number of people who have visited the festival in the past few years, you can present this information as a way for the vendors to determine whether or not they will participate. You can also guarantee that if each truck doesn't meet a set amount of income that your organization will make up the remainder of that amount.

Food Options

As you contact vendors to participate in your festival, keep in mind the different types of foods they offer. Giving people a variety of options may entice them to purchase food from multiple vendors. Selecting several food trucks that sell similar items, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. For example, having two food trucks that sell grilled cheese might lead people to choose one truck or the other. Choosing one truck that sells grilled cheese and another that sells cheesecake might get people to spend money at both. Be sure to request the full menus from each vendor so you can advertise all of the different foods that will be available at the festival.


When you arrange for food trucks to attend your event, you'll also want to keep sanitation in mind. You'll need to rent garbage cans for people to throw away disposable silverware and food packaging, and you'll also need a dumpster that the garbage cans will be emptied in to. You can also rent hand-washing stations, which can be used by visitors to clean up after a meal. As part of your sanitation plan, be sure to schedule grounds crew to empty the trash cans, sweep up any litter, and clean off tables throughout the event.

Once you have your food trucks booked and have planned out the dining area, be sure to spread the word through social media and traditional advertising. You may find that more people will come to your festival just to try out the different food trucks you'll be working with.