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Planning Your Perfect Wedding: It's In The Details

As you think about your wedding day, there are many details for you to consider. While you can wait a bit to find some of your vendors, it always helps to find your reception hall when you begin planning your wedding. Once you have the reception hall, you will be able to determine what the food will be, how the venue is going to be decorated, and how many people can fit at the reception. Once you are able to figure out your date and book your reception hall, all of the other details of your wedding can be put into place.

Choosing Your Reception Hall

If you are having a local wedding, you'll want to choose a reception hall that isn't far from your wedding ceremony. You may want to take traffic into consideration. For example, if your wedding ceremony is in one area, and traffic to the reception is often congested, you may want to keep this in mind. You should choose a hall that can seat the number of guests you want to invite and that has the look you are going for. Whether you choose a rustic barn setting or a modern elegant environment is up to you.

Feeding Your Guests

When your reception hall has catering, you'll still have to decide on a meal plan for your guests. Take the time to try the various dishes offered by the reception hall. If you have to bring in outside catering, meet with the caterer to talk about your options. Ask to sample the dishes that you have to choose from so that you know what you are getting for your money.

Finding Your Vendors

Some reception halls have preferred vendor lists, which are businesses that have worked at the venue in the past and have a solid reputation. You can ask for the preferred vendor list, but this doesn't mean these are the only businesses you can choose from. If you have a photographer you love and want to use, book the photographer for your special day. The earlier that you book your vendors, the more choices you will have.

As you continue to plan your wedding day, don't be afraid to ask for help. If you want decorations to be homemade, consider having a crafting party with your bridal group to help you get the work done. Enjoy planning your wedding and know that it will be beautiful. For more tips and advice, contact a reception venue like McHale's Events & Catering.