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Tips For Integrating Hamburger Moulder Equipment Into Your Commercial Kitchen

When it comes to restaurant ownership, labor costs make up a significant portion of business spending. Creating a more efficient kitchen can help you streamline the cooking process so you can spend less on staff. The right equipment can make your restaurant kitchen more efficient. Tools like hamburger moulder equipment guarantee uniformity and allow your employees to work faster. Here are several tips that will help you integrate your new hamburger moulder equipment into your commercial kitchen.

1. Place your hamburger moulder in an intuitive location.

When it comes to saving time in the kitchen, an intuitive workflow is key. Set up your new hamburger moulder equipment in an area that encourages efficient labor. Ideally, you should set it up next to the refrigerator where you store your raw beef, for easy access.

2. Adjust your hamburger moulder to the correct thickness.

Hamburger moulders are adjustable to allow you to create patties of various thicknesses. Thicker meat patties allow customers to have a heartier dining experience. On the other hand, thinner patties may be desirable for customers with lighter appetites. Before you start pressing patties, ensure your hamburger moulder is set to the right setting. If you plan to make patties of varying sizes, create them in batches to save time. Make all the hamburger patties of one thickness before adjusting your machine and moving on to a new size.

3. Ensure all employees are properly trained.

Commercial hamburger moulder equipment is created to stand up to the rigors of a restaurant kitchen. However, even the most durable piece of equipment can fail if it's handled improperly. Protect your investment. Ensure your hamburger moulder will be in service for a long time by training your kitchen staff in its proper use. A little staff education will allow your team to make full use of the equipment without creating unintended problems through user error.

4. Clean and sanitize your hamburger moulder equipment.

Cleanliness and sanitation are crucial any time you handle food, especially when creating food commercially. After each use, thoroughly clean your hamburger moulder equipment. Take your hamburger moulder apart and wipe down the surface with a damp rag. Dislodge any pieces of raw hamburger clinging to your moulder equipment.

Once you've removed the visible debris, you can send the small pieces of your hamburger moulder through a commercial dishwashing machine. Clean the larger pieces of your hamburger moulder with soap and water. Finally, use a diluted bleach solution or a food-grade sanitizing solution to wipe down each surface of your machine. Allow the sanitizing solution to air dry.

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